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I had someone the other day say, “have a Happy Holiday”.  Made me think why don’t they just say, “have a Merry Christmas”?  Well, I believe its because the stores have trained people that you shouldn’t say “Christmas”.  All the stores are wanting to be so politically correct that they don’t dare say “Christmas”.  They love the fact that we will spend 450 BILLION (thats the real number, not an exaggerated one) this year on buying gifts for the 25th day of December- Christmas!  They play “Christmas” music in the stores. They decorate for Christmas with Christmas trees. They hang Christmas lights.  The run sales and ads up until Christmas.  They have specials on shipping, that if ordered by a certain day, you will have it in time for Christmas! Yet, they want to change the name to Holidays?  Holidays (plural) would refer to Christmas and New years day right?  Whens the last time you got a gift for “Happy New years day” under your “Happy new years day tree”?

It just drives me nuts.  I will say Merry Christmas, and when I do, I mean that I hope you have a great Christmas day celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Oops, I said it, the word “Jesus”.  That is whole new topic and blog post for another day! 🙂


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Here is some video footage of Bryce and his buds partying down.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Bryce 8th birthday party video“, posted with vodpod

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Thanks for your help! It means a lot to me.

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This looks REALLY cool… so cool, I wish I was a teen again.  READ HERE to find out why Les Stroud will NOT be doing his show Survivorman anymore.

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Bear with me…. I got a new toy.   It is my new nokia 5800 Xpress Music cell phone.  One thing cool is I can take pics with its 3.2 megapixel camera and then while on the go, upload directly from my phone to sites like Flickr!  Here is a cool artsy kinda pic I took and uploaded the other evening.  I used black and white and changed the contrast settings.   To view more pics I have uploaded and will continue to upload, check out my flickr photostream, it is on the right side of the screen if you scroll WAY down… there you will find the most recent photos from my photostream.

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…or could be a thought to live by!  I was driving thru Goshen yesterday, and saw this on a Church sign.  This may not be the perfect quote, but close,

“If we don’t enjoy that which we already have, then what makes us think we will be happier with more?”

Really got me thinking how grateful I am for my family and all the other blessings in my life.

Anyway, thats as deep as it gets. Thanks for reading, feel free to comment.

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Hack yourself!

Hack yourself!  This is from G4TV.com on the attack of show segment of the site.  Cool site, with lots of cool videos.  Thanks to my Cuz Todd for sending me the site.

Click here to watch the video of how to hack yourself!

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