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Las Vegas… with pics!

OK, finally after a long week, here are some pics and an update after getting back from taking my cousin Matt to his huge soccer tournaments in Las Vegas.  

Everyone wants to know how I did in vegas…. I WON BIG!  When I say big, I mean I didn’t gamble any money and walked away a winner that kept my money and had a total blast.  We rented a car from priceline for only $13.00 a day!  And a TOTAL bonus when we got to the avis counter, the guy upgraded us to a pontiac solstice!  FUN.  It was great having almost no schedule and acting like a high school kid again!   You can click here to see all the pics I uploaded.

Here are a few must see’s!


Matt posing for his valentine girly LIZ. This is the funniest pic from the entire trip!


Cruzin the strip in our $13 toy!


Small trunk! Glad I was driving! LOL


This pic is posted solely for the viewing pleasure of Shawn French!


Mountains. Best view in Vegas! I personally thought the buildings and lights were WAY over rated!


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Soccer Night

Franco’s rule Soccer…

Tonight we loaded up the family into the van and headed to Argos to watch our cousins Tony and Matthew play some awesome soccer.  Had a great time watching them play and ultimately win with a 3-0.  That “Sealed the deal” on Their Warsaw team winning the sectionals! Go Tony and Matthew!  Had fun in the stands hangin out with family and Jenna had a blast with Matthew’s “Friend” Liz.  Here is a poor quality pic of them getting the sectional trophy:

Sectional Winners!

Sectional Winners!


Then off in a whirlwind from the game Tony and Rich drove off to head down to TN for Tony to hangout with a college team.  Good luck Tony!

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