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Wow, I haven’t posted FOREVER! Today’s post is partial experiment to test the app out.

I may post a few fun things in the next few months about a Tough Mudder I am training for. The crazy mud run is going down on September 21st, 2014!


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I am short on time tonight, but HAD to blog this quick like.  About 2 years ago I bought some really nice hiking shoes (Merrell Brand).  They have been great shoes, but the other day I tried kick starting my dirt bike…. it would not start, so I got mad, and kept trying, and trying, and trying.  To hard of kicks that were to hard tore off a lug on the bottom of my shoe. Oops.  Other than that, these shoes wore incredibly well and didn’t look more than a month or two old.   I called Merrell to ask if  I should caulk the hole or what, and they said that that should not of happened.  The really nice lady at Merrell (who by the way is in Michigan and I can understand her!) tells me to mail em back and MAYBE once they inspect them I will either get my shoes back or a new pair.  She says it will take 3-4 weeks if they decide to replace them.

Here is the timeline. I talked to Rachel at Merrell on wed.  Mailed the shoes out on thursday.  I called on Tuesday cause I am curious, and they tell me they ARE replacing them with a slightly newer/better model and I even got to pick the color!  She says she can have them to me NEXT WEEK! Do I get them next week? NOPE,  got em THIS week on Friday!  Thats 6 business days that I was without Merrell’s!

Long story short, I think I paid about $115 for the first pair, the new ones retail for $130.  I will definitely buy more in the future if/when these wear out.  Oh, and of course, both pair are very comfortable.   You can see my new kicks by CLICKING HERE.

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Here is some video footage of Bryce and his buds partying down.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Bryce 8th birthday party video“, posted with vodpod

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This reminds me of my motorcycle “trials” days.  This is a video of Danny MacAskill in April 2009.  I saw this video on my buddy http://www.StevanSheets.com blog, and I just had to copy it.  It is truly unbelievable and unthinkable what this guy can do on a bicycle!! Make sure and watch to the end…. it gets better the whole video.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Buy a house!

Posted by ShoZu

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That is a question I never really thought of, but Todd from www.familymanweb.com had this link in his weekly e-mail to Dads that I get.

Click here to see exactly what 1 Trillion dollars actually looks like!

Pretty stinkin cool if ya ask me!  Yet kind of sad how easily some of these terms get thrown around by our Government and society.

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Hack yourself!

Hack yourself!  This is from G4TV.com on the attack of show segment of the site.  Cool site, with lots of cool videos.  Thanks to my Cuz Todd for sending me the site.

Click here to watch the video of how to hack yourself!

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