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This looks REALLY cool… so cool, I wish I was a teen again.  READ HERE to find out why Les Stroud will NOT be doing his show Survivorman anymore.


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Les Stroud is back for season 3!

I am so stoked, Discovery Channel’s host and survival expert Les Stroud is back for his third season of SURVIVORMAN, premiering Friday, November 7 at 9PM ET/PT in the US, and airing for the first time in high definition.

I say he is the REAL Survivorman, as myself and 2 buds tried our hand at it. To see the not so serious video, click here.  I guarantee you will smile if you watch this video…. we are super geeks!  It was so much fun making that video.  The chicken was a little “tuff”, but it sort of tasted like…. chicken.

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