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I am short on time tonight, but HAD to blog this quick like.  About 2 years ago I bought some really nice hiking shoes (Merrell Brand).  They have been great shoes, but the other day I tried kick starting my dirt bike…. it would not start, so I got mad, and kept trying, and trying, and trying.  To hard of kicks that were to hard tore off a lug on the bottom of my shoe. Oops.  Other than that, these shoes wore incredibly well and didn’t look more than a month or two old.   I called Merrell to ask if  I should caulk the hole or what, and they said that that should not of happened.  The really nice lady at Merrell (who by the way is in Michigan and I can understand her!) tells me to mail em back and MAYBE once they inspect them I will either get my shoes back or a new pair.  She says it will take 3-4 weeks if they decide to replace them.

Here is the timeline. I talked to Rachel at Merrell on wed.  Mailed the shoes out on thursday.  I called on Tuesday cause I am curious, and they tell me they ARE replacing them with a slightly newer/better model and I even got to pick the color!  She says she can have them to me NEXT WEEK! Do I get them next week? NOPE,  got em THIS week on Friday!  Thats 6 business days that I was without Merrell’s!

Long story short, I think I paid about $115 for the first pair, the new ones retail for $130.  I will definitely buy more in the future if/when these wear out.  Oh, and of course, both pair are very comfortable.   You can see my new kicks by CLICKING HERE.


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