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This rant is going to be as short as possible.

This morning I turned on some morning show while eating breakfast. (I normally don’t do that for this very reason).

What has this country come to?   They had some lame news that wasn’t news at all.  Then, what really got me, was this fashion thingy.  They had some little chick on saying what the hottest fashions are for 2009.  She went on to say how this big gaudy plastic jewelry is “so in”, and what a bargain starting at only $350 made by blah-blah guy.

Then the absolute icing on the cake and in my face, she starts showing these special “numbered” t-shirts that are special made by artist and have “art” (it was computer generated graphics) on them.  To me, they looked like the graphics every teen has on at walmart.  The kicker???  she said they were a superb value starting at a mere $100 each and you better hurry to get one because they are very limited production.  My friend Stevan Sheets can design any shirt I can think up for $5 plus the $12 shirt…. and his look killer! I even one, that is a ONE of a kind!! Wow am I lucky.

Are you kidding me?

For the record, I work in an office, wear a shirt and tie.  I can buy a high quality shirt on sale for $19, some nice dress slacks for around $30, and a pretty sweet tie for about $20.  Some dress socks for $5.  That is $74 TOTAL.  And, I look better than any kid in a t-shirt.

My favorite t-shirts I got while going somewhere or doing something, and normally pay no more that $20… usually less!

OK, I am done ranting. Thanks for reading.  Please don’t buy one of those T-shirts…. I have some I will sell you for $50!


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