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I hardly ever read, so this is the first book review on my blog. I first heard about the fictional book “Eden” written by Andy Merritt on www.StevanSheets.com.  Stevan read the book and said it was great. I told Stevan I am not much for recreational reading. Then I ended up reading a few sample pages from the books site. I was fully hooked after reading just a few pages and ordered the book on the spot. I couldn’t stop thinking about those few pages I had read and couldn’t wait for the book to come in the mail box.

Once into the book, the pages just fly by. The words are common, nothing big and fancy. It took me 2 and half days to read it…. and I had a busy schedule during those days.  I think I would of read it in one day had I gotten it on a day off morning! I would rate this book a 10, and will definitely order anything that Andy puts out there!  I don’t want to give away to much on the book, so if your even a little interested in it, check out the books website by clicking HERE.


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