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Bullrun 2009!

Mark you calendars, make a phone reminder, put it in your outlook, tie a piece of string to your finger or whatever you do to remember really important stuff!

Bullrun the TV show is back and will be on YOUR TV on Feb 19th on Speed channel!  What is Bullrun you ask?  Remember the movie “Canonball Run”?  Sort of like that, but turned reality TV.

12 teams and there rides will travel 4,000 miles in 12 days.  This show is good enough that I actually watch it (I watch almost ZERO TV) and even my wife totally digs it.  Our DVR is set for the season.

Click HERE for more info on the REAL Bullrun.  It is in July, and starts in New York, and runs to Austin TX.  Here are few quotes from the real Bullrun:

‘I’m more excited to do Bullrun than when I won the Indy 500’ – Mario Andretti

‘Seriously, the best week of my life’Dennis Rodman


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Happy New Year!

Here is hoping you have a blessed and awesome new year!!!

Sorry I haven’t posted much lately… been pretty busy.  Still playing to much Navy Seals with my buds, and I have been trying to beat my kids at our new Jeep Wii game and the old school (no electric) battleship…  I have yet to beat either of them on the wii, and Ethan rocks at Battleship!  I have tried my hardest and he still winsEVERY game.

Tomorrow I am really looking forward to going to Gabe’s house after Church to help him work on his house remodel…. big time stuff, rippin out walls, kitchen, etc… can’t wait to to finally help him for once.  He is always helping me and everyone else out.  A few other pals are going to join us.  guys and hammers, can’t imagine a better day.

Anyway, I am going to make 2009 an awesome year, I hope you decide to make your 09 awesome as well!

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